About company

The "Spectroflash" company today is practically a new company formed by the merger of LLC "Spectroflash", specializing in the development and serial production of pulsed portable industrial X-ray generators to Non Destructive Testing Inspection companies, and LLC "Spectroimpuls", whose main products are devices with constant potential X-Ray tube.

Specified the merger has allowed not only to increase the output production, but also to unify the many components and parts of both types of devices. The main unifying factor of the devices produced by the combined company, is their low weight and small dimensions, easy to operate, low power consumption energy.

The combined company has significantly strengthened the engineering staff that has allowed its staff to more successfully engage not only the production, but research and development to create new X-Ray generators .

The company is based on a closed cycle from concept design to mass production and, importantly, there is provided the repair of all types of output devices.